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Grange Farm LAMB

Whole and half lambs available so you can fill your freezer for the coming weeks. Stock up on traditional family favourites for roasting such as leg and shoulder, treat your better half to some lock-down lamb cutlets or chops for date night or get some flavour-filled low and slow action by marinading the neck or flank meat - perfect for the bottom of the oven - or the tagine for a moroccan twist

Try Mary Berry's recipe - we love it!:!


Half (£75) and whole lambs (£150) available for delivery now!


Our joints vary in size and we can supply you with larger or smaller joints as required.

Small roasting joints weigh approx. 0.8kg and feed 2

Medium roasting joints weigh approx. 1.2kg and feed 3-4

Large roasting joints weigh approx. 2kg and feed 5-6

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