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Our large beef variety box

Our beef boxes contain a mouth-watering selection of 21 day dry-aged beef joints and cuts. We offer a range of products to suit you (and your freezer!). Our large family box weighs in at 10-12kg and offers a range of roasting joints, frying steaks, braising meat, mince, burgers and more. 
Also available is a medium box with approximately half of the family box contents. To make sure you're never short of interesting ideas, we include a recipie suggestion booklet with different serving suggestions for every single cut in the box!
  • 3 roasting/pot roasting joints approx. 1.5kg each – derived from topside, silverside, thick flank, LMC or brisket

  • 3-4 pairs of grilling/frying steak – a mouth-watering selection from rump, sirloin, fillet and rib eye

  • 3 pairs of braising steaks – a selection from the chuck eye, feather and blade

  • 1 pack of stewing steak 

  • 2 packs of diced beefapprox. 500g each 

  • 3 packs of mince approx. 500g each 



Our variety boxes guarentee a hearty supply of high quality beef in a range of your favourite traditional cuts. Whether it's a tender roast for family and friends, a succulent steak dinner for two or a soft slow cooked stew after a hard day at work, you'll find it all, and more, in a Grange Farm beef box.

Get in touch on the below details to enquire about an order!


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