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2 roasting/pot roasting joints approx. 1.5kg each derived from topside, silverside, thick flank, LMC or brisket
2 pairs of grilling/frying steak – a mouth-watering selection from rump, sirloin, fillet and rib eye
1 pairs of braising steaks – a selection from the chuck eye, feather and blade
1 packs of diced beef approx. 500g each 
2 packs of mince approx. 500g each 
1 pack burgers

Medium beef variety box

  • One of our best sellers, the medium beef variety box offers the same range of content as the large beef variety box, just in smaller quantity.

    Please note, the image showing all of the cuts on the carcase is representative and not all of them are included in the medium beef box. Feel free to drop us an email to enquire about specific cuts.

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